• We also offer one year certificate course on "Infectious Diseases in Dentistry" in collaboration with Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology
  • Medical microbiology

Course objective

This course is designed to bridge the knowledge gap noticed in the clinical lab technologist in performing laboratory diagnosis on infectious diseases. It is a unique course which trains the graduates to perform the routine clinical laboratory procedures and the clinical microbiological work as well. The entire course is designed with lecture demonstrations, hands-on and guided diagnostic work training.

Successful candidates can be employed in clinical diagnostic labs or they can also pursue higher education in microbiology or in other allied health sciences


The course provides basic knowledge about the characteristic features of pathogenic microorganisms. To know about the basic demonstration techniques, cultivation methods, identification methods, sterilization, disinfection, antimicrobial agents, prevention and control measures to prevent the transmission of infectious agents.

After completing the course the candidate will have a basic knowledge about the human pathogenic micro organisms, their association with the diseases in man, isolating technique, demonstration methods to identifying them.

  • Ph.D in Medical Microbiology