Faculties and students actively inculcate in research activities with novel outcomes. We do collaborative research with the clinical departments of our dental college and with other external colleges. Research studies are experimentally designed as per standards starting from fundamental research level to molecular level. All the research works are translated into publications in peer-reviewed indexed journals. The research works are also presented in many conferences and seminars by students and faculties. In recent years, faculties and students have presented their novel research findings in IADR conferences in Korea, U.S and U.K and in various other national and regional conferences and have won many awards.


UG - 97 projects

PG - 25 projects




Dr.A.S.Smiline Girija - Molecular and genetic studies on multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii [SRB approved project under SDC, SIMATS].


Co-guide: Mr.N.P.Muralidharan

  1. Dr.Arvind: Efficacy of watermelon against Lactobacillus and Streptococcus.

  2. Dr.Sri Lakshmi: Comparison of the decontamination of toothbrushes using ultraviolet and microwave method - An in-vitro study.

Co-guide: Dr.A.S.Smiline Girija

  1. Dr.Hannah [PG, Oral Pathology] - Salivary microbial load as a clue to assess the time of death in Forensic Odontology.


Co-guide: Mr.N.P.Muralidharan

  1. Ms.Vanesa: Comparison of antibacterial effects of doxycycline and lemongrass essential oil against oral micro-organisms.

  2. Ms.Dyna: Analyzing the influence of Lactobacillus on the release of nickel ions from orthodontic wires and brackets.

  3. Ms.Mohana: Comparative study of the antibacterial efficacy of 3 fluoridated and non-fluoridated tooth pastes against Strep mutans.


Co-guide: Mr.N.P.Muralidharan

  1. Dr.Jones: Streptococcus and Lactobacillus proportion in the saliva of the patients undergoing extraction procedures.

  2. DrArvind: Comparison of contamination of tooth brush.

  3. Dr.Swarna: Effect of probiotics on chronic periodontitis.

  4. Dr.Akshay: Antimicrobial efficacy of septilin, CHX, CaCl2 against E.faecalis and Strep mutans.

  5. Dr.Veerali: Comparison of three irrigants against E.faecalis.

  6. Dr.Neethu: Antimicrobial activity of essential oils in combination against Streptococci sp., and Lactobacilli sp.,

  7. Dr.Prashanthi: Microbiological contamination in radiated rooms and instruments.

  8. Dr.Manisha: Comparative evaluation of the antibacterial efficacy and MIC/MBC of oral medicaments against E.faecalis.

  9. Dr.Karthick: Efficacy of different disinfectant on hydrolloid impression materials - A clinical study.

  10. Dr.Christeena: Noni as mouth wash in gingivitis patients.

  11. Dr.Christy: Antibacterial efficacy of pomegranate peel extracts against E.faecalis and Candida albicans.

  12. Dr.Teja: Antimicrobial efficacy of three different root canal medicalments - A randomized controlled study.

  13. Dr.Divya: Aerosol and splatter contamination during various minor oral surgical procedures.

UG PROJECTS [BDS students of SDC]]:

Total of 57 projects guided for this year.


Co-guide: Mr.N.P.Muralidharan

  1. Ms.Niranjana Devi and Ms.Rajalakshmi: Antimicrobial efficacy of lemongrass oil and ginger oil against E.faecalis and C.albicans.

  2. Ms.Stephy and Ms.Sushmitha: Antimicrobial efficacy of commercially available herbal and non-herbal tooth paste against Strep mutans and Lactobacillus.


Number of Post graduate dissertations guided        :   25

Number of Post graduate short-term projects guided   :  118

Number of Undergraduate projects guided              :  350

Number of projects guided for outside institutions :  15